Palmetto Fan Palm Pack of 10

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Palmetto Fan Palm-Sabal Palmetto

Common Name: Palmetto Palm, Common Palmetto, Cabbage Palm, Carolina Palmetto.

Botanical Name: Sabal Palmetto

  • Member of the Arecaceae ( Palm Family)
  • It is native to the Southern lowlands and coastal areas of the Southern United States, as well as Cuba, The Caicos Islands and The Bahamas.
  • leaves are Fan Like Configuration and the Dimension are 30 x 21 x 11
  • In the United States, the native range of S. palmetto is the coastal plain of the lower East Coast from southeast North Carolina southward to Florida and west along the Gulf Coastal plain to Texas.


55-60 F.

Common uses:

  • Commonly use for altar decoration for Palm Sunday and Most Floral Arrangements.
  • Use in schools and churches for plays