Easter Lilies

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16.00 LBS

Easter Lily-Lilium Longiflorum

Common Name: Easter Lily, White Lily

Botanical Name: Lilium Longiflorum

  • Member of the Liliaceae.
  • It is native to Taiwan and Ryukyu Islands.
  • Lilium Formosana are common relatives.
  • Leaves are 3-4 inches long with blooms of 3-5 flowers per stem.


55-60 F.

  • Commonly used as an indoor plant For altar decoration or in the garden as landscape ornamental spring flower. 
  • Members of this family provide the world with many products including Fragrance, landscape ornamental, wax and fibers.
  • While it can be grown in many states in Green Houses, most of this crop is grown in Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut for both economic and cultural reasons.
  • 1981 showed that vase-life was increased from about 7 to 28 days in water simply by re-cutting the stems.
Our Easter Lilies are Grown in Green Houses and are florist grade quality. Specifically only the best plants are hand picked from our growers to your School Fundraiser or your Altar Presentation.

Buy Now Easter Lilies For your specific instance of event and Palm Sunday.

Here we have a wide selection of pot sizes. All of our Easter Lilies are wrapped in a pot cover with colors of your choice  Gold, Purple and Green pot covers and are shipped directly from our network of Green House to your location.

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Pot Sizes and Price Point

  •   6" - $  6.50 per plant
  •   8" - $17.00 per plant
  • 10" - $25.50 per plant

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